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The KFPS Advantage

Value - Digital inspections provided at no extra cost. Yearly or term contracts. Longer contracts equal cost savings for client. Multi-system and multi-location discounts.

Professionalism - All inspections are done on a hand held Pocket PC. No illegible hand writing to try and decipher as well as the ability to attach photos and NFPA 25 code violations. Client provided with paper inspection report as well as digital copy via email for easy filing.

Automated Scheduling - We call you to schedule prior to due date of inspection. Eliminates hassle of coordination for the owner and gives peace of mind that inspections will not go overlooked.

Consistency - One company to deal with for the life of the contract. KFPS has the ability to handle any service work that arises. If client has multiple buildings or locations, they will have one company and one contact to take care of all of them. A name and a face.

Reputation - Kaufman Fire Protection Systems, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest fire sprinkler contractors in the state of New Mexico. We have the knowledge, the equipment, and the personnel to handle any situation that may arise from the inspection process.