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Don Kaufman
Eric Kaufman
Operations Manager
Gayle Knowles
NICET IV, Designer
Don Bynon
Field Superintendent
Donavan Lane
Service & Inspection Manager - Safety Director
Pete Gutierrez
Shop Manager
Pegi Blackstone
Office Manager
Carolyn Sanchez
Assistant Project Manager - Supplier Liaison
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Mr. Don Kaufman was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. Don successfully completed a five year mechanical apprenticeship program. Don worked for Kaufman Plumbing and Heating, Inc., for several years before incorporating his own fire protection company. Don Kaufman is a member of American Fire Sprinkler Association and has served as a regional representative on the National Board of Directors the past five years. He is also a member of the Society of Professional Estimators.
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Mr. Eric Kaufman is the son of Don Kaufman and has been hanging around the business his entire life. Eric has spent summers in the field and winters in the fabrication shop. Eric began working with KFPS full-time in the summer of 2006. He has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Abilene Christian University (Abilene, TX), and competed coursework abroad in International Business & Marketing at Oxford University, (Oxford, UK). Prior to working with KFPS, he worked for 3 years with ISO (Insurance Services Office) in San Diego, CA as a commercial property inspector. Eric has completed the AFSA Beginning Design School and attends numerous industry workshops annually.
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Gayle Knowles has been working in the fire protection industry for 30 years as a designer and project manager. She is a Senior Engineer Technician holding a Level IV design certification with NICET and is also a member of the American Society for Certified Engineer Technicians. She has experience with design and management in large and small projects ranging in residential, commercial and special hazard occupancies.
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Mr. Donald Bynon, a.k.a "The Bynon", holds a 4-year certified apprenticeship for automatic fire protection sprinkler systems with over 24 years experience in the industry. Don has worked for KFPS for over 18 years as a Journeyman/Field Superintendant. Don is certified in Cross Connection Backflow Testing and Repair and has extensive experience in Underground Installation and Fire Pump Installation. Don is locally considered one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and animated characters around.
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Mr. Donavan Lane was brought onto the KFPS team in the Spring of 2007 as Safety Director and to help develop a full time service and inspection department. Donavan had been associated with The Home Depot for 9 years working his way from the ground up to Assistant Store Manager. Donavan has significant experience in personnel management, inventory control and safety compliance. Donavan is OSHA 10, OSHA 30 & OSHA 500 (trainer) certified. Donavan is also certified as an Aerial Platform Trainer and Fork Lift Trainer. Donavan has completed the OSU NFPA 25 Certification course and is working on NICET certification for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance. He is also qualified and certified to test cross connection backflow preventers.
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Mr. Pete Gutierrez has been working with KFPS for over 25 years. He holds all of the necessary certifications required for a sprinkler pipe welder, including IAW AWS D10.9, 1980 AR-3. Pete is responsible for all purchasing and receiving of fabrication materials for KFPS. Pete is a man of many words and always has a great story to tell.
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Mrs. Pegi Blackstone is the heart of KFPS and can often be found completing the random task work no one else seems to know how to do. Pegi is responsible for payroll, office compliance and A/R-A/P. Pegi works closely with all management staff and tracks company progress.
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Mrs. Carolyn Sanchez worked for KFPS for several years as a designer before finding her true calling, organizational management. Carolyn keeps records of projects concerning billing, material submittals, fire marshal compliance and project close out. Carolyn has built a great report with local AHJs, General Contractors and all of our suppliers. Carolyn is always ready to take on the difficult jobs with a sigh and a smile.
Kaufman Fire Protection Systems product lines have recently expanded to ANSUL Clean Agent and Specialty Systems including: INTERGEN High Pressure Systems, SAPPHIRE Clean Agent, High Expansion Foam Systems and AQUASONIC Water-Atomization Systems.

Kaufman has extensive experience the the design and installation of Fire Pumps, Water Holding Tanks, Tri-Water Systems, all types of Retrofits and Remodels.

Underground Projects ranging from 5' outside to multiple building installations
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C.I.S.E. Award
C.I.S.E. Award
Safetyman Award
This award is in recognition of safety management excellence, highlighted by management commitment, a quality written safety program, OSHA incidence rates consistently below established national levels.
Safetyman Award
Kaufman Fire Protection Systems, Inc., strives for a productive and safe working environment and has a comprehensive safety program.

All management, shop, and field personnel take an active role in the safety program. Due to our commitment to our safety program, recognition has come from local, state and national levels.

Safety Awards
1995 and 1997 - The first Rio Grande Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors Safety Man Award.
1995 and 1996 - The National Associated Builders and Contractors Finals of the Business Roundtable Construction Industry Safety Excellence Awards Program.
1995, 1998 and 2000 - The National Associated Builders and Contractors S.T.E.P. (Safety Training and Evaluation Process) Award for Gold Level of Achievement for development of a quality safety program.
1997 - The National Business Roundtable's most prestigious award the CISE Award (Construction Industry Safety Excellence).

Safety Counselling
Safety Counselling Inc. is a safety consulting firm, contracted to ensure that KFPS’s safety policies and procedures are among the best in the business. Safety Counseling Inc. has been in business since 1973 and has over 175 yers of combined experience in all safety fields. In addition to helping write and amend our Safety Policy and Procedures Manual, Safety Counseling Inc. assists in our safety program through weekly toolbox talks and jobsite visits, monthly safety meetings and training, CPR/First Aid training, and an annual review of our safety program.

Specialty Systems

Backflow & Cross Contamination
Fire Extinguishers

24 Hour Emergency Services

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Facts About Sprinkler Maintenance*
Buildings which are completely sprinklered enjoy special reduced insurance rates. However, if the insurance company does not receive verification of system inspections, penalties in the form of higher insurance rates apply. Contact your insurance provider for complete details.

Regular inspections of fire sprinkler systems will help reveal problems (if they exist) long before they become major. Sprinkler system repair can then be scheduled for a convenient time, saving you the cost of unnecessary business interruption.

At least four times each year, a full sprinkler system inspection should be performed by a knowledgeable professional.

Owners and managers of commercial and business facilities have an obligation to maintain safe conditions for employees and occupants. By working in a sprinklered building, employees come to expect a certain level of protection. Similarly, an owner or manager of a building with a fire sprinkler system would be held liable if he failed to maintain that system in a working condition.
*Taken from NFSA website
The KFPS Advantage
Value-Digital inspections provided at no extra cost. Yearly or term contracts. Longer contracts equal cost savings for client. Multi-system and multi-location discounts.

Professionalism-We offer digital inspections through Onsite Software. All inspections are done on a hand held Pocket PC. No illegible hand writing to try and decipher as well as the ability to attach photos and NFPA 25 code violations. Client provided with paper inspection report as well as digital copy via email for easyfiling.  

Automated Scheduling-We call you to schedule prior to due date of inspection. Eliminates hassle of coordination for the owner and gives peace of mind that inspections will not go overlooked.  

Consistency- One company to deal with for the life of the contract. KFPS has the ability to handle any service work that arises. If client has multiple buildings or locations, they will have one company and one contact to take care of all of them. A name and a face.  

Reputation-Kaufman Fire Protection Systems, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest fire sprinkler contractors in the state of New Mexico. We have the knowledge, the equipment, and the personnel to handle any situation that may arise from the inspection process.

Onsite SoftwareView Sample Report
Onsite Software is the industry leader for building inspection and Life Safety inspection software. They have nearly 20 years of experience in developing and providing software specific to the needs of fire sprinkler inspection contractors. Life Safety Inspector is continuously updated with all the latest code requirements and all of NFPA-25 standards. Kaufman Fire is proud to pass on all the benefits of this technology to our clients to ensure that your fire sprinkler system continues to operate and provide the protection that it is designed to.

About KFPS
Kaufman Fire Protections Services, Inc. has the capacity to handle all of your fire protections needs. We have partnered with several excellent companies to offer you a comprehensive package eliminating the need for multiple contractors. Included in these services are fire alarm inspections and monitoring, kitchen hood and duct protection systems and fire extinguisher inspection and replacement.

Kaufman Advantage
Kaufman Fire Protections Systems. Inc. is proud to offer a full line of fire protection inspection and testing services including Quarterly and Annual System Inspections, Backflow Prevention Testing, Fire Pump Testing & 24 Hour Emergency Services. We are utilizing the most advanced technology and practices in the industry bringing customers the most comprehensive and professional services available. The KFPS Advantage provides an undeniable value to our customers and the peace of mind in knowing that your fire protection system is being maintained to the highest standards and will work when called upon.

Company History
Kaufman Fire Protection began as a partnership in 1975 between Robert “Bob” Kaufman Sr. and Robert “Don” Kaufman Jr. and was operated from the offices of Kaufman Plumbing and Heating in Albuquerque, NM. On January 15, 1979 Kaufman Fire Protection Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the State of New Mexico and Don Kaufman took full ownership and management of the company. Subsequent to incorporation, Kaufman Fire Protection has been providing design and installation of fire protection systems in all sectors, including residential, government and the private sector. Member of AFSA and ABC.

Don Kaufman
Eric Kaufman

3301 Girard NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
phone: 1-800-540-2107
fax: 505-884-2616

NM lic. #16845
Arizona (License # 164353)
Texas (License # SCR-0422)
Colorado (License # 186)